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    Metropolitan Centre of Activity

The Pôle métropolitain
Nantes Saint-Nazaire

what is it ?
what is its use ?

The creation of Metropolitan Centres of Activity occurs in a context of the metropolisation of large urban territories, which is linked to globalization. It is a way to better meet the needs of residents concerning issues of economic development, transportation and planning, while at the same time becoming more visible and attractive so as to be acknowledged as a major European city.

The Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Metropolitan Centre of Activity is both an attractive, fast-growing and economically dynamic area and an institutional collaboration Formed in July 2012 as a joint project of six local authorities, the Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Centre of Activity strives to facilitate the implementation of joint policies in the metropolitan area in the fields of economic development, environmental protection, space planning, infrastructure development and transport services and pre-operational urban project support.


the review of SCOT Nantes Saint-Nazaire,
the Eco-Metropolis project

Through the SCOT, a strategic planning document, elected officials can develop a common vision, share a territory project and prepare the future by addressing the challenges of attractive development, as well as inclusive and sustainable planning. The general outline of the project is set forth in the document approved in 2007. The strategy is based on a careful assessment of the territories’ strengths, including a dual structure, a special relationship with water, a solid rail system, a diversified economy that adapts well to change, dynamic periurban agriculture, a unique governance system and a strong shared culture of innovation.

Now, elected officials wish to give a new impetus to Nantes Saint-Nazaire while adapting to ecological, economic and social changes. They want to take the opportunity to overcome major challenges the territory will face in the future: the settlement of a new population, support for innovative economic sectors, the promotion of non-motorized transport, the increased preservation of agricultural areas, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, etc.

The Pôle
métropolitain Nantes Saint-Nazaire figures

6 local authorities
the Nantes Métropole metropolis, the Carene urban community, 4 communities of the Erdre et Gesvres, Cœur d’Estuaire, Loire et Sillon et Pays de Blain municipalities.

61 cities and towns
1,878 square kilometers
830,086 habitants
407,770 jobs
405,280 housing units
2,627,000 local commute daily
27 train stations including Nantes

Nantes Atlantic Airport: 4,2 million passengers in 2014

Nantes – Saint-Nazaire Port Authority: international goods traffic in 2012: 29.9 million tonnes ; first busiest port on the Atlantic coast, fifth busiest French port

80% of the land compromising natural and agricultural areas including 23% of wetlands and about 2,800km of river waters

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